You don’t have to look too far to see why so many people fall head over heels for their AGA. Especially today, Valentine’s Day. Perhaps best known for its excellence in slow cooking. The gentle, consistent heat of the AGA simmering oven offers ideal conditions to slow cook Turkish, Mediterranean & Middle East Dishes at an even temperature with little moisture loss for succulent results every time. This technique is ideal for retaining the vitamins and nutrients of food.

AGA is an abbreviation of the company name, Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator. The AGA cooker is a stored-heat stove and cooker invented in 1922 by the Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist Dr. Gustaf Dalén (1869 – 1937), who also founded the AGA company. Today’s cookers are manufactured by the Aga Rangemaster Group.

In 1912 Dr. Dalen lost his sight in an explosion while developing his earlier invention, a porous substrate for storing gasses, Agamassen (Aga). Forced to stay at home, Dr. Dalen discovered that his wife was exhausted by cooking. Although blind, he was determined to develop a new stove that was capable of every culinary technique and easy to use – plus they also heat the house too.

Adopting the principle of heat storage, he combined a small and efficient heat source, two large hotplates and two generous ovens into one robust and compact unit: the AGA Cooker. The cooker was introduced to England in 1929, and its popularity in certain parts of English society (owners of medium to large country houses) led to the term “AGA Saga”, referring to a genre of fiction set amongst stereotypical AGA owners.

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