It was so devastating for me to hear that my beautiful home country had suffered the worst effects of an earthquake. I can’t thank the Disasters Emergency Committee enough for their incredible help in support of Turkey and Syria. I will continue to support this campaign through the cookery classes I am now running here in Norfolk.

These images broke all of us. The specific image shown here is of a Turkish man, Mesut, holding the hand of his 15-year -old daughter Irmak Leyla, who was crushed by the building after the earthquake struck. He sat with her all night in freezing conditions knowing she had passed away.

This gives us another opportunity to remind ourselves to help others as much as we can. Maybe your form of helping is spreading awareness or maybe its donating to the cause. Whatever it is, its part of the larger good and this is a collective effort.

As we continue to see disparity, chaos and grief, all around us, remember to be grateful and count every blessing. We’re always so stuck up on those things we don’t have, what we wish our lives could be. Tell your loved ones you love them as often as you can. Don’t wait ’til tomorrow to let them know how much they mean to you.

Rescue and relief efforts are continuing in full force. My prayers are for the people having to face these dark days.